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Wide range of services to meet clients’ needs

Hart Square has developed a wide range of specialist services designed to enable NFP organisations to select and implement CRM and associated technologies that underpin and drive their operations. Our services range from Business Process Review and Requirements Gathering, to Implementation and post-‘Go Live’ Training and Support.

Technology Audit

Existing Solutions – renovate or detonate?

With technology playing an ever-increasing role in how associations and NFPs achieve their business and operational objectives, the ability to audit technology risks – as well as opportunities – as they relate to business processes is absolutely vital.

There’s a saying ‘If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.’  So often that saying is applied to technology decisions, especially among associations or NFPs where there is inevitably a certain amount of ‘inertia’ when it comes to technology change.


Maximising your CRM  investment

Ensuring your systems are ‘fit for purpose’

Whether you are a professional membership organisation or association, sooner or later you will ask: ‘Is our existing technology infrastructure really fit for purpose?’ 

Investing in new technology is an expensive and timely process and should not be taken lightly. Hart Square can work with you to understand whether the time is right to look externally or derive more benefit from your existing investment. Hart Square can provide advice and training to allow you to get more out of your existing CRM. A Technology Audit is a valuable document that can help reduce risk and costs and, dependent on the findings, be presented to your board.


Business Process Improvement

Define where you are, decide where you’re going

In most organisations, the only constant is change. All too easily, however, the underlying processes and technologies that support your day-to-day operations can become outdated. At best, this might involve unnecessary tasks that waste time, effort and money. At worst, gaps in control or management information can allow problems to go unnoticed until they become critical.

At Hart Square, we’re experts at providing an external, organisation-wide view of how membership organisations and NFPs work and the efficiencies (and inefficiencies) of their business processes and systems. Our expert consultants can undertake an independent and objective Business Process Review, based on our wide ranging sector experience, that can help determine if your processes and technologies need optimisation – i.e. if they are ‘fit for purpose’, or if they require a complete overhaul.


CRM Vendor Selection

Making the right strategic choice for your organisation

At Hart Square, we believe that CRM isn’t just about hardware and software – it’s a culture, an ‘ecosystem’ that incorporates strategy, people and business processes, with technology to underpin effective delivery. We provide independent, objective and vendor-agnostic advice on defining and selecting the right technology to best serve the needs of your organisation, members and stakeholders, both now and into the future.

From tenders to vendor demos and due diligence this process is critical in ensuring the system chosen is ‘fit for purpose’ and that the vendor is the best ‘cultural’ fit for your organisation.


Digital Strategy

Helping you to maximise online engagement

Understanding the digital world and the opportunities that it presents is vital for all NFP organisations. It is by far the most cost-effective and direct means of engaging with members and potential members alike. Digital Strategies can be deployed effectively for many aspects of your organisation, including raising awareness and profile, member engagement, member recruitment, campaigning and influencing, and by adding value to members through the personalisation of content to individual members.

Hart Square has spent over 12 years helping membership organisations and NFPs to define and implement digital strategies that maximise online engagement. We can help you to enhance your ability to connect with members and stakeholders, and ensure that your online activities are not only aligned with your business and operational objectives, but also underpinned by the best and most appropriate CRM and other technologies.


Technology and CRM Strategy

CRM Technology Strategy

At Hart Square we know that CRM is about a lot more than ‘the database’, it’s a business strategy that revolves around people and processes which needs to be underpinned by enabling technology.

Equally we appreciate that the range and scope of the technology being offered to our NFP clients is growing almost daily and finding a way through all of the hype and making sense of the information overload we all now experience is a challenge in itself.


Implementation Support

Utilise our expert, hands-on advice to smooth the path

So the decision has been made and now you need to implement the project as smoothly as possible. This is an area that will prove to be crucial – and if it goes wrong, or does not stay on track, frustrations can occur which will not benefit either party. So often in software deployment there are ‘roadblocks’ or features that you may not have considered and these can often result in ‘feature creep’, time blowouts and tension building between your team and the vendor.

Hart Square are experts at providing a 360-degree view of the project at all stages.

From data migration to system integration, not to mention user testing, Hart Square can give an independent view and provide your organisation with a system that will gain the ‘buy in’ of all stakeholders and staff, ensuring a successful deployment first time, every time.



It’s not just about systems, it’s about people

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems undoubtedly help organisations and NFPs to improve the quality of the services they provide to members and stakeholders. But your employees – the end-users of the system – are the cornerstone of success. If they don’t understand the benefits of a CRM system, or how to use it, your CRM project can fail – period.

At Hart Square, we’re renowned for our CRM end-user training programmes, incorporating group, one-to-one and video training, built on our 12 years’ experience of CRM. We can work with you to identify and develop customised training programmes to meet your specific needs, ensuring they are relevant to your staff. Our sessions are completely hands-on, using ‘real life’ scenarios, showing how CRM can be used to address particular challenges. We can also provide support that incorporates unlimited phone/email and on-site services.


Ongoing Strategic Support

Ensuring your investment is maximised

Once a new solution is live, your organisation might think that the hard work is done. Think again. You now need to consider ongoing training, product updates, building vendor relationships and much more.

At Hart Square we offer a wide range of services that will ensure a successful deployment of your new solution, maximising ROI.