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We have a wide selection of workshops and events over the coming months. Places may be limited so be sure to book early to secure your place.

Mind the Gap

27th June 2017

Hart Square Director of Client Projects, Allen Reid, will be reviewing the challenges facing membership organisations in their bid to meet and exceed members demands and expectations at NetXtra’s upcoming breakfast event.

Learn more and register for this free event through the link below.

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Transforming membership through technology

15th June 2017

Join Hart Square’s Business Consultant, Simon Pardy, as he discuss’ project proposals and company buy-in at Core’s upcoming membership event.

The event will revolve around the topic of membership engagement using Core’s membership platform within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Managing digital transformation and cultural change

30th May 2017

Hart Square Director of Client Projects, Allen Reid, will be joining industry experts at Feline Soft’s upcoming round table.

Explore the topic and hear our clients, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, present their case study.

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Preparing for a digital future

23rd May 2017

Hart Square Director of Client Projects, Allen Reid, will be laying out the key factors to consider before taking on a digital project.

Come hear him and others at Precedent’s ‘Preparing for a Digital Future’ free seminar below.

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Busting the myth of modern member engagement 

11th May 2017

Expectations from members have increased dramatically in recent years, putting pressure on Membership Bodies to ‘compete or get left behind’. Facing demands for personalised content, more online self-service and mobile access, membership bodies are asking, “How do I compete without incurring sky-high costs and project risk?”

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Integra / Care / NG breakfast roundtable – keep, upgrade or replace?

11th April 2017

With significant change across the NFP sector over the past five years, this roundtable will enable you to share knowledge and contribute to collaborative insights with other users of these product .

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Looking for new ways of engaging members and transforming your NFP?

6th April 2017

Hart Square Director of Client Projects, Allen Reid, will be leading a discussion on choosing a CRM partner at the upcoming ProTech event “Looking for new ways of engaging members and transforming the operational efficiency of your NFP”.

Allen will be presenting on the key questions non-profits should be asking when selecting a CRM technology partner.

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Technology trends impacting examining, accrediting and regulatory bodies

23rd March 2017

Today’s members, students and other stakeholders expect education, accreditation and regulatory delivery to be digital, seamless and paperless.

Many educational, accrediting and regulatory bodies are struggling to meet expectations because traditional systems have fallen behind.

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Connecting with your community, a NetXtra breakfast club event

22nd March 2017

Hart Square’s Allen Reid will be giving a talk on “The Challenge of Connecting” at the upcoming NetXtra Breakfast Club event on the theme of “Connecting with your community”.

The event runs from 08:00 – 10:30 and is free to attend but does require advance registration.

Follow the link for full details of the programme and to register

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Integra / CARE / NG workshop – keep, upgrade or replace?

7th December 2016

Expectations from customers have increased dramatically in recent years, putting pressure on Membership Bodies and Charities to ‘compete or get left behind’. With demand for personalised engagement, marketing automation and mobile access – is now the right time to change?

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TechSmart 2016

30th November 2016

Hart Square, the independent CRM consultants, is launching TechSmart – The Technology Summit for the NFP sector. TechSmart is the only place to go for information on the range of technologies which support NFPs’ CRM strategies. This fast-paced event will bring together NFP organisations, suppliers, industry thought leaders and educators to showcase products and services and share emerging technologies for the sector.

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Research Report Event – ‘Deep Dive’ Insights

22nd September 2016

Hart Square is ‘drilling down’ into the quantitative and qualitative data gained from our Research Study to provide revealing and compelling findings for any institution involved in or planning a CRM implementation. They include top level analysis categories such as time, cost, overrun, over-spend, resourcing and planning, complemented by Hart Square’s own unique executive insights.

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Research Report Launch Event

28th July 2016

Hart Square is presenting summary findings from a major new research study – CRM Projects: why do they succeed or fail? The report is the result of in-depth online research of individuals working in different roles – from IT to marketing – at professional membership and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations who are, or have been, involved in CRM technology projects.

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Your Website first or Your CRM first? The Chicken or the Egg?

23rd June 2016

This dilemma faces many Associations when it comes to reviewing their customer relationship management (CRM) system and web content management system (CMS).

These two very different technologies are invaluable, yet often operate in two very distinct silos and are likely to be ‘owned’ by different departments. The challenge is to determine how and when to integrate these technologies, and in what order, i.e. ‘chicken or egg’?

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Maximising Communications and Technology – MemCom 2016

19th May 2016

Hart Square presents an exclusive Research Study on  Membership CRM projects – Why do they succeed or fail? Get your copy at our stand at MemCom 2016

As part of the “Maximising communications and technology” thread at MemCom on the 19th May, Hart Square will be presenting authoritative new research on Membership CRM projects – Why do they succeed or fail?  For anyone considering a new CRM or web project (or wondering what went wrong with the last one), this thread will provide some fascinating insights and advice supported by data.

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Replacing Your Fundraising or CRM System?

13th April 2016

How to achieve the benefits of a modern system while minimising the risks of transition. The demands on Charity systems are higher than ever – we need to engage through more channels and devices and to wider audiences. At the same time, the complex fundraising and income management performed by legacy systems is still very much required.

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MemberWise Insight Seminar – A Strategic View to Replacing Your CRM & Procurement Best Practice

23rd February 2016

10th March 2016

Hart Square is speaking at a MemberWise Insight Seminar; this event will focus on how to take a strategic view when replacing your CRM and teach you how to approach suppliers and maintain a successful relationship with your chosen supplier.

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Replacing your legacy system 

2nd December 2015

How to choose the right solution (and the right supplier) while avoiding the pitfalls. While legacy systems may be based on very old technology platforms, they are usually both functionally complex and highly adapted. Furthermore, they support a wide number of business processes and integrations with other systems, albeit in a restrictive way that may no longer meet requirements.

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