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CRM Vendor Selection

Making the right strategic choice for your organisation’

Selecting the right CRM solution vendor can be a real minefield. Many CRM solutions look the same, or appear to offer very similar functionality. In addition, many vendors can promise the earth in terms of what their products can do – but often don’t live up to their promise.

At Hart Square, we know most of the leading CRM vendors and what their products can or can’t do. We are completely independent and vendor-agnostic, which means we can provide impartial, expert advice on how to evaluate and select the CRM solution that will exactly match your organisation’s needs.

Whether you are considering replacing your existing CRM system, or buying a completely new system ‘from scratch’, Hart Square’s specialists can help. We can provide you with insightful information on both CRM vendors and their products. We take the time to understand and define your requirements and, where appropriate, recommend solutions that will be a ‘best fit’ for your organisation.


In many cases, there may be several solutions applicable for a particular client requirement. In which case, we will draft an invitation to tender (ITT) based on those requirements that can be sent to a selection of vendors. We will then work with you to create a shortlist and arrange vendor demonstrations. We know that supplier liaison can be difficult, so we can manage the selection process and help you choose the final solution based on agreed criteria.

Overall, our specialists will ensure that, whether your CRM solution is a replacement or brand new, it is ‘fit for purpose’ and will provide real value to your organisation through our CRM Vendor Selection process.



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