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TechSmart Strands revealed

Anyone thinking about attending our TechSmart 2016 Summit in London on November 30 will be swayed by the exciting TED-style Talks we have planned. Organised under three separate stands –  Future Tech & Innovation, Data (more…)


Content marketing isn’t content alone

Content marketing for NFP’s and member based organisations Does your organisation publish content on LinkedIn? Do your members go to your website to lookup the latest article you created? Did you recently post (more…)


Building relationships through social media

Improve member relationships with Social Media…. Not-for-profits, charities, trade unions and member-based organisations are already using social media to connect. But how effective is social media in keeping existing relationships and also helping to build new ones? Here is some food for thought:


Quick tips on handling negative feedback on social media

How to handle negative feedback on social media Social media has become an essential ingredient to attract and retain members to an organisation. Whilst this interaction can greatly benefit your organisation, it can also harm it if negative comments are not managed well. If handled (more…)


5 tips to Social Media success for NFP’s

Social Media for your NFP Organisation….. There are many reasons why NFPs need a social media presence in today’s digital world, but the most important is to create and nurture brand awareness and trust. You need to make sure that what you do online elevates (more…)