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The Definitive Guide to MS Dynamics for Membership Bodies

Implementing a CRM solution on the Microsoft Dynamics platform which meets the needs of a professional membership body, or association, is a complex project which requires careful consideration and planning. In this updated version of our Definitive Guide, launched at our inaugural


Why should you book your ticket for TechSmart?

TechSmart is for NFP business-leaders and strategic thinkers who need to understand their options and what’s coming – in one fascinating and exciting day. Don’t miss out – register today


TechSmart Strands revealed

Anyone thinking about attending our TechSmart 2016 Summit in London on November 30 will be swayed by the exciting TED-style Talks we have planned. Organised under three separate stands –  Future Tech & Innovation, Data (more…)


CRM or CMS – chicken or egg?

  You’ve heard the phrase ‘What came first – the chicken or the egg?’ Well, a similar dilemma faces many charities and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations when it comes to reviewing their customer relationship management (CRM) system and web content management system (CMS). These two very (more…)


What’s the role of a Chief Executive in a membership organisation?

In the final of this five part series, John O’Brien shares his thoughts on the role the Chief Executive plays in a membership organisation. It is often said among membership organisations that the Chief Executive should focus on running the business, and not on policy. (more…)


Harnessing ‘champions’ to recruit new members

John O’Brien explains key strategies that helped him to recruit and retain members. Obviously all membership organisations and associations are focused on bringing in new members. Your raison d’etre as an organisation is people paying to be part of your organisation. But in membership recruitment drives, (more…)


What’s the ‘value’ of CRM – and how can it help you?

John O’Brien explains the importance of CRM in membership organisations, and how they can be used to help your members. Membership organisations today have moved on dramatically from where they were. Specifically, their expectations from technology have increased – today, members want to receive communications (more…)


The membership dilemma – segmentation or ‘one size fits all’?

Experienced membership professional John O’Brien talks through the benefits of segmentation. Many membership organisations want to address their entire membership, but that is not necessarily what members want. That’s the membership dilemma – to segment or provide a ‘one size fits all’ offering. In my (more…)


On-boarding – how to ensure CRM success in your organisation

  John O’Brien, experienced membership professional, explains how to ensure CRM success within your organisation. Everyone needs to be on board with a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. That probably sounds obvious – however, not every organisation manages to on-board people in a way (more…)


Biography of John O’Brien, Experienced Membership Professional


Delivering Knowledge – CIBSE’s Digital Strategy


Membership Management and Technology, Part 4 of 4

It’s about business processes In the final of our four-part series of articles on membership management, we look at why it’s important to review business processes up-front. Implementing any new CRM system or technology provides the opportunity to assess and challenge what you (more…)


Membership Management and Technology, Part 3 of 4

It’s about ideology In the third of our four-part series of articles on membership management, we look at why ideology needs to be part of your thought processes. One of the benefits of assessing technology needs is that it can prompt you to (more…)


Membership Management and Technology part 2 of 4

It’s about culture In the second of our four-part series of articles on membership management, we look at why culture is so important. One really important aspect to consider when looking at membership management is your organisational culture. The technology you choose must (more…)


Membership Management and Technology, Part 1 of 4

It’s technology – and a whole lot more In the first of our four-part series of articles on membership management, we look at why it’s a lot more than just technology. There’s a temptation to view technology – whether it’s CRM, CMS or (more…)